TORG vs TORG Eternity, a Comparison

I was one of the early players of the original TORG when released by West End Games in the early 90s. I was mostly a player then, and didn’t take up GMing until some time later. I really loved the game a lot and it will always be one of my favourite RPGs. I really loved the ways genre was blended fairly seamlessly, and play has this real push towards teamwork over individual effort.

I loved the game that much that I eventually collected one of every book in the entire release, including a proper TORG edition dice and a complete set of Cards (more on this later). Within a month of getting the last three books for my collection, it was announced that Ulisses Spiele had purchased the rights to TORG and will be bringing out a new edition. My first thought of course was ‘Fuck!’, I’d just completed my collection, and now they are re-releasing it! But then again, I already knew that Ulisses Spiele was a pretty damn good company, and it’s not like TORG was without flaws. Maybe, just maybe, Ulisses Spiele might be able to do better. I jumped on the first Kickstarter as soon as I found it.

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TORG Roots of Evil

A TORG Eternity adventure in three Acts for Beta Clearance Storm Knights. 

Release Date: May 2019 Delayed, expected July/August 2019


Tipped off by another Delphi agent, the Storm Knights investigate disturbances in an outback town in Australia. What they stumble into is a ‘worst case scenario’, which will require immediate action to prevent truly dire outcomes.

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