TORG vs TORG Eternity, a Comparison

I was one of the early players of the original TORG when released by West End Games in the early 90s. I was mostly a player then, and didn’t take up GMing until some time later. I really loved the game a lot and it will always be one of my favourite RPGs. I really loved the ways genre was blended fairly seamlessly, and play has this real push towards teamwork over individual effort.

I loved the game that much that I eventually collected one of every book in the entire release, including a proper TORG edition dice and a complete set of Cards (more on this later). Within a month of getting the last three books for my collection, it was announced that Ulisses Spiele had purchased the rights to TORG and will be bringing out a new edition. My first thought of course was ‘Fuck!’, I’d just completed my collection, and now they are re-releasing it! But then again, I already knew that Ulisses Spiele was a pretty damn good company, and it’s not like TORG was without flaws. Maybe, just maybe, Ulisses Spiele might be able to do better. I jumped on the first Kickstarter as soon as I found it.

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Classic D&D Module Reviews – Master Levels

Thanks to the boost from Sabre River we can continue into the Master level modules. Basic tends to be about doing dungeons, expert takes players into wilderness exploration, while Companion mostly surrounds player kingdoms. Master goes beyond all of that and starts getting serious about going to other planes of existence.

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Classic D&D Module Reviews – Companion Levels

As I expected, Expert level caused a serious slowing of XP gain, so even though the party entered the expert levels well over levelled, they are entering into the Campaign levels well under levelled for the content. Most of the modules are for level 15+ characters but the party varies from level 9 to 13. Still, they are a good group that works well together so we are pressing on as is.

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Classic D&D Module Review – Expert Part 1

The party has finally completed the Basic modules, and have overlevelled to an average of level 6. I’m not concerned much by that going into the Expert modules as things will begin to equalize soon. These adventures will have to be played out of numbered order so that the level cap for the modules can be adhered to.

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Classic D&D Module Review B7-B12

Let’s continue the journey through the last of the ‘Basic’ selection of Dungeons & Dragons. As I said in the previous review set, these are my own personal thoughts and feelings which I’m sure not everyone will agree with. I hope at the very least it offers a guide for GMs to help them pick adventures appropriate to their group and play style. It should also offer some thoughts to help them develop their written content.

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