List of Pointy Pony Publications

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TORG Infiniverse Exchange

The Widow’s Lament

It was meant to be such a simple job; just check in with some old doctor and investigate rumors of a haunting. How could we have known what we would find? Now we’re trying to catch super villains in the Nile Empire, and hunt a dragon in the Aysles, just for a chance to win against what we uncovered. Honestly, Orrorsh just doesn’t play fair!

The Judas Factor

Storm Knights are charged with entering the Living Lands to pick up what might be an Eternity Shard recovered from a Lost World site, only to discover they have competition. Thus begins a race against time which spans half a globe and four Realms. How is the enemy staying one step ahead?

When the real secret is uncovered, the heroes have the opportunity to recover something potentially more valuable than an Eternity Shard.

Roots of Evil (Delayed)

Tipped off by another Delphi agent, the Storm Knights investigate disturbances in an outback town in Australia. What they stumble into is a ‘worst case scenario’, which will require immediate action to prevent truly dire outcomes.


Guide to Phaemorea

Phaemorea is a classic high fantasy setting designed for use with the classic Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopaedia (1991 ed.) though it can easily be adapted for use with any high fantasy setting. The world is designed to be compatible with all the old classic modules, as well as providing a fresh new setting for both new and old players. 

Phaemorea Rules Supplement

A 20 page bookmarked PDF containing suggested rules adaptations for the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopaedia (1991 ed.). The changes focus on updating classic D&D for the modern audience without sacrificing the very things that made OD&D great. The goal isn’t to rewrite an excellent system, but to tweak it with house rules adapted from years of play. 

P1 Black Orc Down

A Classic D&D Adventure for levels 1-3. Requires Rules Cyclopedia (1991 Ed.) or Dungeons and Dragons Basic and Master sets to play as is.

Nobody else wanted to take on a job of helping out an orc, but if their gold is good then who cares … right? Black Orc Down puts the party on the trail of a missing orc chieftain. Can they rescue him from the dark mysteries of the Undercity beneath Forecastle? Can they uncover the vile plot which threatens to disrupt the power structure of The Shades? If they fail, will the death of one orc really matter that much?

Lethal Lairs Series

Let’s stop thinking of monsters as Hit Point piñata that drop loot. Lethal Lairs looks at the intellect and capabilities of various classic monsters and uses those abilities to create a lair for a world where self entitled sword and spell wielding psychopaths might bust in and try to kill you.

These encounters can be plugged directly into any Dungeons & Dragons style of game with little to no modification because the real value of the Lethal Lairs series is in concepts and ideas, not as a fully written module. They can be plugged directly into adventures to replace or enliven other set encounters, or used as the basis for a full adventure with the Lair being the final encounter.

LL01 White Dragon

Travel to the top of an extinct volcano to raid the lair of a cunning master of the frozen world. White dragons might be the weakest of the dragons, but they are no less intelligent than their kin.

LL02 Red Dragon

Lords of fire and pain, the red dragon knows their hostile environment like few others. Only the bravest or most foolish would dare challenge the red dragon on their home turf, where the terrain might be more lethal than the dragon.

LL03 Doppelganger

Used most often as an annoying wandering encounter, the doppelganger is often under represented. What happens if a group of them get together and create a lair of their own?

A modest place of repose is turned into a deadly honey trap for weary travelers in this plug-in module.

LL04 Green Dragon

The green dragon is a master of the wilderness, and over the centuries of its life has learnt many mysteries of the wilds. Of course it will turn some of the most deadly of those mysteries into traps to foil unwary or greedy adventurers.

Other Roleplay

The Beastmaster’s Manual

Inspired by sources such as the 1982 movie, The Beastmaster, and others, The Beastmaster’s Manual offers a rule set for BECMI D&D, as well as directions for use in other versions of D&D, that enables a character with an ordinary old skill in Animal Training (Handling) to have competent, well trained animals which have a chance to stand up to the dangers of higher level play.

An animal companion shouldn’t just be a stat block, he/she should be something special, with an identity all their own, and that’s the groundwork The Beastmaster’s Manual offers.


Legacy of Bronze and Bone Series

Set in the stone-age fantasy world of Kisar. The story follows a group of travelers whom fate has placed in the path of a global event which promises to break the world. Above all else it is a story about people, and the journey of self discovery that life takes them on.

Book 1 – Ninil’s Tale

In this first book, the story is told by Ninil, a relic of a time and a people long past. Ninil’s people, the Anukin, and her own life were irrevocably and forever changed in a single night of devastation. Now a wanderer, Ninil journeys the world alone, wondering why she still lives. A chance encounter will forever change her life and lead her into more, and dangerous, adventures.

Book 2 – Khari’s Tale

With the help of his eclectic group of companions, Khari has followed the prophesies and discovered the doom spoken of is connected to refugees fleeing the social collapse of their world. However, is the doom spoken of the beings the people fled from, or the refugees themselves? He must walk a fine line between his new friendships and his duty to his own people.

Book 3 – Rania’s Tale

The party has been divided, each going their own way. Lacking a common language, Rania has been trapped on the outside, included as a member of the party, but never really being able to express herself. The trilogy now concludes, this time through the eyes of Rania. She must first face her past, and decide for herself what really has value for her.