The Beastmaster’s Manual

Fantasy tales are filled with stalwart animal friends that are a vital extension of the hero themselves. Such paragons of virtue as Argos and Odysseus, Naga and Korra, and even Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. These obviously exceptional animals have that extra something regular examples of their breed and experience lack. 

In the rigours of Classic D&D adventures our animal friends do not fair well, being used for little more than luggage carriers, mounts for fast travel, or in bleak times, as emergency rations. It’s time for that to change. As the AD&D system stretched into the 3.x to 5th editions some benefits were bestowed on animal companions, granting them supernatural powers, but do you have to be a druid or a ranger to have a really cool dog? How come a sylvan scout cannot have a bear for a loyal friend?

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TORG Roots of Evil

A TORG Eternity adventure in three Acts for Beta Clearance Storm Knights. 

Release Date: May 2019 Delayed, expected July/August 2019


Tipped off by another Delphi agent, the Storm Knights investigate disturbances in an outback town in Australia. What they stumble into is a ‘worst case scenario’, which will require immediate action to prevent truly dire outcomes.

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TORG – The Judas Factor

A TORG Eternity adventure in five Acts for Beta Clearance Storm Knights. 

Release Date: Now available here.


Storm Knights are charged with entering the Living Lands to pick up what might be an Eternity Shard recovered from a Lost World site, only to discover they have competition. Thus begins a race against time which spans half a globe and four Realms. How is the enemy staying one step ahead?

When the real secret is uncovered, the heroes have the opportunity to recover something potentially more valuable than an Eternity Shard.

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