Smashwords 2019 Read an Ebook Week

One of the internet’s top independent providers of ebooks is offering thousands of discounts for their Read an ebook Week, March 3 to March 9. If you haven’t discovered Smashwords before, this is an excellent time to sample from their outstanding range of ebooks available in multiple formats. So whether you use Kindle, Kobo, Nook … Read moreSmashwords 2019 Read an Ebook Week

TORG – The Judas Factor

A TORG Eternity adventure in five Acts for Beta Clearance Storm Knights. 

Release Date: Now available here.


Storm Knights are charged with entering the Living Lands to pick up what might be an Eternity Shard recovered from a Lost World site, only to discover they have competition. Thus begins a race against time which spans half a globe and four Realms. How is the enemy staying one step ahead?

When the real secret is uncovered, the heroes have the opportunity to recover something potentially more valuable than an Eternity Shard.

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Creating Quality Bad Guys

There is a real art to creating a memorable villain. They are the antagonist to the player character’s protagonist, so it only makes sense they should be blessed with at least as much depth and creativity as a player character. They are the focal point of an adventure, not just an XP and loot bag. Give them the love they need and make your bad guys memorable.

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How to use a Pre-written Adventure

So you just purchased your shiny new adventure. You’re all set to run the next session now right? Wrong! No matter the gaming system, there are good ways to use a pre-made adventure, or there are awesome ways to use one. Learn how to get the most out of your investment to ensure your whole party has an awesome time.

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