About Pointy Pony Publications

We are just a couple of mature misfit writers and tabletop gamers. We are published internationally in books, magazines, and blogposts, but usually under pseudonyms or as ghost writers. We thought it was time to step out and use our skills to produce products for what we loved, and that’s the fine art of Roleplay.

What can this Site do for you?

If you are a fan of PPP products, then upcoming releases and previews will be posted on occasion. So this website can be a great way to find old and new products. In fact, there is a list of all published products here.

In addition, we’ll be posting articles to help you get the most out of your role-playing experience. We’ll try to get a few guest writers on as well, to offer more diverse opinions.

Who are the people behind PPP?

There are only two core members, but we have others with whom we exchange ideas and most importantly playtest our work. Those two people are:

How can you contact us?

At the moment we don’t have a contact address. Still just working out how to post an email address without it becoming the victim of spam. (Game writers we might be, but website developers we are not :P).

Kieran Brannan

I started gaming back when the TSR D&D Red Box was a new thing. Game mechanics and system development has been a passion of mine for many years. While primarily in the role of Game Master, I have also spent my fair share of time on the other side of the screen. This is important because I know how it feels to be on either side of the screen and can appreciate the difference in the experience.

Computer games often fill the void between tabletop sessions, where I prefer a game that tells a meaningful story. The games provide valuable downtime for my brain where I can be lost in wonder and take my time to calculate solutions, so no FPSs for me.

Ryllandra Rose

My initial step into the world of wonder provided by fiction was, as it is with many people, through books. As a regular writer and copy editor I bring some oft required literary expertise to the team ;). when not reading and writing, I like computer games with a really immersive environment.

I was brought to tabletop role-play more recently, and have found it an invaluable way to unwind while I explore new worlds limited only by my imagination and a single piece of paper. If only all of life had such tender barriers. As a gaming neophyte I’m told I often manage to find solutions older gamers tend to overlook. I’m not sure how true that is but it’s certainly been a fun experience.