TORG Roots of Evil

A TORG Eternity adventure in three Acts for Beta Clearance Storm Knights. 

Release Date: May 2019 Delayed, expected July/August 2019


Tipped off by another Delphi agent, the Storm Knights investigate disturbances in an outback town in Australia. What they stumble into is a ‘worst case scenario’, which will require immediate action to prevent truly dire outcomes.


An investigative horror story set in the Australian outback. Due to the harsh environs, there will be a need for survival skills. A blend of covert and overt operations where working with the people of the land will be the most effective path to victory. There are a number of opportunities for combat oriented characters to shine in some easy, and not so easy, encounters.

Realms: Core Earth (QLD Australia), Orrorsh Mixed Zone

Timing:  More than 9 months into the war.

Format: 44 page full colour pdf using the Infiniverse Exchange Kit

Features: Investigation into puzzling crimes involving some classic Australian wildlife.

  • Detailed NPCs with back stories
  • A chance for Storm Knights to make a real impact on the wars
  • 12+ hours of play time
  • Adjusted for player numbers
  • Statistics provided for all foes
  • Artwork from many fine artists who provide for DriveThruRPG

A spine tingling horror story that really encapsulates the wonder and horror of the Australian outback.