LL04 Lethal Lairs – Green Dragon

Release Date: April 2019

Let’s stop thinking of monsters as Hit Point piñata that drop loot. Lethal Lairs looks at the intellect and capabilities of various classic monsters and uses those abilities to create a lair for a world where self entitled sword and spell wielding psychopaths might bust in and try to kill you.

These encounters can be plugged directly into any Dungeons & Dragons style of game with little to no modification because the real value of the Lethal Lairs series is in concepts and ideas, not as a fully written module. They can be plugged directly into adventures to replace or enliven other set encounters, or used as the basis for a full adventure with the Lair being the final encounter.

 What you get

  • 7 page full colour PDF (cover, credits, introduction, map and 3 pages of additional content)
  • Detailed breakdown of the dangers within the lair and how to play them out
  • List of additional cunning ploys and tricks which can be used to befuddle the party
  • Battle Tactics – explaining how the creature uses their lair to best effect and how they will handle the invasion by the PCs
  • 9 page printable battle map for use with miniatures.
  • Sample Encounter – using the D&D Rules Cyclopedia to present a fully formed encounter as an example of how the lair might be used
  • Full colour map of the lair with key points marked

 About the Sample Encounter

Each product includes a sample encounter based on the D&D Rules Cyclopedia aka Classic D&D. This includes a fully generated monster encounter complete with randomly determined treasure and detailed statistics block. Adjusting this encounter for other versions of D&D simply requires opening up the applicable monster book and redoing the stat block. The Introduction also explains how to convert applicable saving throws between 5th Edition and earlier editions of D&D. Remember, the mechanics of the lair are the key components of this product.

The Green Dragon is a master of the wilderness, and over the centuries of its life has learnt many mysteries of the wilds. Of course it will turn some of the most deadly of those mysteries into traps to foil unwary or greedy adventurers.