Every God has its Day

Whether you are Jewish, Wiccan or otherwise, December tends to be a special time for many religions. In fact, a great many of the special events in a year are connected with religions. Not just special events either, but laws, moral values, communication, and countless things are influenced on a daily basis by religions.

However, in many RPG systems religion is chosen based solely on what it might grant a character. What I’m saying is that religions are very poorly represented in most systems, acting as little more than a statistic on a character sheet. While I don’t think there is a place in RPGs for real life dogma, I do think more time needs to be spent to properly highlight the influence and power religions have on daily life.

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The Meat Sack Conundrum

Crossed Swords

Most games use a Hit Point system to keep game play really easy, however a Hit Point system is a very poor reflection for the true dangers of combat. Some systems add back a level of peril by including a critical system that allows for serious damage or even instant death. Others find a medium between the two which leads to a tepid hybrid of both. Let’s look at how systems handle injury and death and discuss the virtues and failings of each.

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