Every God has its Day

Whether you are Jewish, Wiccan or otherwise, December tends to be a special time for many religions. In fact, a great many of the special events in a year are connected with religions. Not just special events either, but laws, moral values, communication, and countless things are influenced on a daily basis by religions.

However, in many RPG systems religion is chosen based solely on what it might grant a character. What I’m saying is that religions are very poorly represented in most systems, acting as little more than a statistic on a character sheet. While I don’t think there is a place in RPGs for real life dogma, I do think more time needs to be spent to properly highlight the influence and power religions have on daily life.

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Balancing Encounters

Whether you are using a pre-written adventure, or are creating an adventure yourself, knowing how to balance an encounter is a fundamental skill every Gamemaster should have. Sure, you could fudge a few dice rolls to bring things into line, but that method lacks finesse, and ultimately robs players of their sense of achievement. Knowing how to balance things from the start will create a far more rewarding experience for both players and GM alike.

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