Top 5 Questions to ask yourself when making your next Player Character.

Creating a vibrant fun character can be challenging for some but it’s one of the first steps in being able to have a fun gaming experience. Even as a GM you will often be tasked for making characters, either pre-generated ones for a session, or to help newer players by lowering the entry level for play. You don’t need complex back stories or extensive rule crunching for a good character, just answer these five basic questions.

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GMing for the Players you have

I talk a lot about getting to know your players and how that effects how you run your game. The subject is incredibly deep, so think of this article as a primer for articles to come.

There are many, many types of players, and few ever sit firmly in a given category. A search on types of role players should send you down a very deep and oft entertaining rabbit hole. I will be focusing on just three broad types, the Role Player, the Roll Player, and the Accessory.

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Balancing Encounters

Whether you are using a pre-written adventure, or are creating an adventure yourself, knowing how to balance an encounter is a fundamental skill every Gamemaster should have. Sure, you could fudge a few dice rolls to bring things into line, but that method lacks finesse, and ultimately robs players of their sense of achievement. Knowing how to balance things from the start will create a far more rewarding experience for both players and GM alike.

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Creating Quality Bad Guys

There is a real art to creating a memorable villain. They are the antagonist to the player character’s protagonist, so it only makes sense they should be blessed with at least as much depth and creativity as a player character. They are the focal point of an adventure, not just an XP and loot bag. Give them the love they need and make your bad guys memorable.

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How to use a Pre-written Adventure

So you just purchased your shiny new adventure. You’re all set to run the next session now right? Wrong! No matter the gaming system, there are good ways to use a pre-made adventure, or there are awesome ways to use one. Learn how to get the most out of your investment to ensure your whole party has an awesome time.

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