TORG – The Judas Factor

A TORG Eternity adventure in five Acts for Beta Clearance Storm Knights. 

Release Date: Now available here.


Storm Knights are charged with entering the Living Lands to pick up what might be an Eternity Shard recovered from a Lost World site, only to discover they have competition. Thus begins a race against time which spans half a globe and four Realms. How is the enemy staying one step ahead?

When the real secret is uncovered, the heroes have the opportunity to recover something potentially more valuable than an Eternity Shard.


Potentially combat heavy adventure where smart tactical play can make a huge difference. It was designed for a 24 hour all night session, so the difficulty level scales for the level of intelligence the players are able to use; combat heavy if people go in half asleep or many combats can be avoided through cunning and resourceful play. There are some elements of problem solving as well as many good opportunities for roleplaying.

Realms: Core Earth (USA and Europe), Living Lands, Aysle/Cyberpapacy Mixed Zone, Cyberpapacy (Paris)

Timing:  More than 9 months into the war.

Format: 91 page full colour pdf using the Infiniverse Exchange Kit

Features: Vikings, pirates, ninja, and that’s just the one fight! The group will also have to face deadly midair combat, cyber police special forces, dystopian street gangs, dinosaurs and more in this action packed adventure.

  • New weapons, equipment and vehicles
  • Each act can be played as a separate adventure or chained together for a complete story.
  • Many detailed NPCs with back stories
  • Player handouts
  • 24+ hours of play time.
  • Adjusted for player numbers.
  • Statistics provided for all foes, weapons and vehicles
  • Artwork from many fine artists who provide for DriveThruRPG

An epic and deadly story which will keep players on their toes.